Download Narendra Modi Keynote Apk – Scan 500 and 2000 Rupee Notes

After tons of requests, I’m finally Giving Away the Apk version Of Narendra Modi App. You Can download the official Modi apps Apk from This page, sroll down to Modi keynote app Apk and follow the instructions over here. Ever since I posted That first article on this topic , many of you have asked for the official Modi app Apk. So, here we are. Same application, but this time APK. All you need to do is to read this article and follow the instructions carefully. It will allow you to understand the basics of this whole procedure. So go ahead and have a peaceful reading session. It will allow you to to get the official Narendra Modi keynote app to scan notes.Keep this in mind that you have to follow each and every point over here. You can’t just skip the ones you don’t like. So all of the steps are mandatory here.

.Download Narendra Modi App Apk To Scan 2000 Rupee Notes

Make sure to read all the features that I’m going to list here. It will give an idea about the functions of modi apps. This app can scan ₹500 and₹ 2000 rupee notes if you make use its camera. That’s right ! It uses a specially designed algorithm that captures a image in a very high dynamic range. What it does is that it allows the app to determine the small gaps and very tiny details. A fake note detector modi app hindi can also determine the authenticity of a note by searching for the official signs in it.

Features Of Narendra Modi Keynote App Apk

There are many advantages of Using Narendra Modi Official Application over the fake ones available on play store. All those ones are fake modi apps developed to waste your time. On the other hand, this one here features some really cool functionalities that lets you identify fake 500 and 2000 rupee notes.

Update : Modi Government Launches Aadhar Pay Solution Application To allow Pay through Aadhar Card !

  • Your chance to Interact with the PM & share Ideas & Suggestions.
  • Never miss out thoughts from PM Modi apps, read his Blogs.
  • Know more about PM Narendra Modi APP through unique insights in the Biography section.
  • Read about PM Modi’s Governance initiatives & achievements.
  • Learn more about PM Modi’s efforts augmenting India’s Global Recognition.
  • Know about how Good Governance is improving lives through Infographics

After reading allthose features, You must be thinking Why It got deleted from the play store when it was launched. The answer is that, at first It looked like a gimmick. No one actually believed that. But after the awareness got spread, it was brought back to play store. But in this article, I’m going to link the Modi apps Apk, so that you don’t have to go to play store.

Download Narendra Modi Keynote App Apk

After a long feature-talk, we are finally ready to give you the link. In the box bellow, you need like, tweet or +1 and it will automatically open the link for you. Copy the link to your address bar and download modi apps apk from there. The best thing about this is that I will be updating the apk as new releases comes out, so It will always be the latest version.

Download from here

  1. Install the apk
  2. Open the app
  3. Tap on scan and hover it over a 500 or 2000 rupee note

I hope you liked Narendra Modi App Apk. If you did, do share this site with your friends and comment down bellow what else would you like to read here. I will also be updating this page regularly so do make sure to come back. Keep this in mind that your android phone should have the setting to allow installation from a different source. You can do this by going through your settings tab.


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